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Support and resources

At Drillham State School staff and parents acknowledge that some students require additional support to participate in education on the same basis as their peers.

Speech Pathologist support

A speech pathologist visits Drillham State School once a term.  This service involves assessing students with Drillham staff implementing support programs.  The school has a nominal case count. Discussions will occur between staff and parents before referrals are made.

Guidance Officer support

Through discussion with the principal, referrals may be lodged for guidance support through a cluster Guidance Officer. Support is based on a priority basis across the Miles Cluster.

Advisory visiting teacher

This service is available for students who have identified learning needs based on disabilities and medical diagnosis.  This is a case by case service.


With support from the Miles Chaplaincy committee, 'Chappy' visits the school on a Wednesday. The main role of the chaplain is to provide care and support for students. The chaplain participates in activities at lunch time and may work with small groups or one-on-one as arranged by the principal.

Gifted & Talented support

Gifted and talented students are supported through an inclusive model within the multi-age setting at Drillham.  Student's are supported on an individual basis, with teachers differentiating instruction to meet individual needs.  Where appropriate students may be accelerated for particular learning areas or all learning areas.  Students have access to other services such as camps and online learning. 

Learning difficulties & disabilities support

Using an inclusive, differentiated instruction model support is integrated into the multi-age classroom to support the individual based on consultation with parent. Support is given within the whole class, small groups and one-on-one where required.

One-on-one support is provided by teacher aides through our 'Morning program' prior to 9am 5 days a week.  This involves before school for reading, speech programs, intensive literacy support programs, number facts and other individualised programs. At Drillham students are supported within the classroom at all times.

Medication & Specialised Health needs

At times students may need to have medicines admistered at school.  Students with specialised health needs may need to provide and implement their individual action plan to meet their health needs. 
To administer medication, State Schools protocols are followed at Drillham. Medication must be:-
  • in its original packaging from a doctor,
  • clearly shows the medication’s name, child’s name and dosage.
  • given immediately to the teacher

Over the counter medication will not be administered

Student's with asthma may keep asthma medication in their ports for self-administration. 

For other life threatening conditions, parents should have in place an emergency medication form and plan.